Monday, January 11, 2010

Anatomy of a Painting - Part 5

First, let me apologize for all those posts ending up in one day's email yesterday. That's what happens when I have to catch up all at once. Since I'm going out of town next week, I suppose this will happen again, but I'll do my best to paint and post while on the road.

The painting has begun. Not a bad start, nothing I want to run to the sink and scrub out. So far the color is clean and fresh, if timid. I am trying to let colors bleed together, as this helps to avoid boring, flat single-color itemization of forms. BUT, I keep forgetting to paint through the outer boundaries so as to weave the subjects into their environment. That's the problem; I can't quite figure out what shapes will be where, and if I don't paint outside the lines soon and let the figures bleed into the background, they'll end up looking pasted on. I must be hoping that a bolt of lightening will strike and guide my hand somehow, and intuitively the background will just paint itself. Huh.

The next goal will be to try to get some darks in there somewhere, so that I have the full value range represented, and can key future decisions based on more than the wimpy first layer. At the same time, I want to avoid my customary ham-hand, reckless throwing of too dark, too bright color; I want it to LOOK that way, but I want to do it more slowly, more intentionally. So that's tomorrow's task. This thing is due no later than Weds, or Thurs. if I pop for express mail.

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