Friday, December 10, 2010

Back Again

Charcoal and chalk

Here's my favorite from the same session, same model. I don't shy away from doing faces, not at all, but it's almost as though drawing without the presence of the face leads to something unexpectedly pleasing. Not sure why; because her identity is removed and the who and the what and the why becomes more open-ended, less literal?

Long Time, No Art...

Charcoal & Chalk

Finally getting to the end of my "busy" season, wrapping up obligations and whatnot, daydreaming about getting back to making some art with no special purpose. This was done several weeks ago at drawing co-op. I always drag my feet going there, I'm too tired, I should be working, nothing ever ends up looking good, blah blah blah. But afterwards, usually, I am glad that I went and enjoy the few hours spent not being anywhere else.