Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anatomy of a Painting, Part 4

OK, now I'm in trouble. I'm sure it is understood that this phase is not about acuracy of forms, it is only to try some color combinations. But clearly I don't have a clue about color here. The top one was my first attempt, and I had this idea about the Italian flag colors, etc., and ended up just being way too literal with the colors that things actually were, instead of putting on the artist hat and taking charge. So then I tried again, limiting myself to some blues, greens, ochres and only a few warm reds; belatedly I remembered (!) that my intention was to leave a majority of the paper light. How easy it is to forget when you're messing about with wet paint! I am a slow learner; I have to keep pounding away at an idea in order to really get it into my head so that I remember what I was about. I guess it's lucky I didn't start on the "real" one yet. But tomorrow is the day, no matter what.

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