Friday, January 15, 2010

Beach Bums

22 x 30 Watercolor

This didn't exactly turn out as expected, but that's what I get for diving in before I have the background figured out. One of my teachers always admonished us to incorporate ALL shapes in a painting, as everything needs to relate and fit, and leaving something go until last was not the best idea. As I view it on the computer, I see a dozen things I would've done differently, and would change if I could, but it the deadline came and now I cannot touch it until I find out whether it is accepted into the show. Which it will not be, I fear, because the photo is not all that great, either. For better or worse, it is done. The obvious moral to this story is "don't procrastinate." Because then somebody might have had time to fix, fiddle, change, figure out, start over, and come up with a catchier name...

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