Friday, February 27, 2015

"Helping" All Drawn Out and Ready to Go

22 x 30, Fabriano Artistico Rough paper

There was no way I was going to draw out all those flowers and stuff, so effort concentrated on the 3 subjects and some of the shadow shapes so I don't forget about them.  This and the next stage are my favorite parts of painting, where all potential lies ahead and no screw-ups have yet occurred.  


  1. Jan, Thanks for the progressive on your new piece. Looks like a winner. Norman would give you a grin I'm sure. I'm suggesting the glare you are having difficulty with when you shot the kids at the parade comes from their squeaky clean knees. I've never seen kids with knees that clean.
    I'm working my way into figures and I really appreciate your work more and more. I'm slugging it out with a single model and you take on crowds. Daunting to say the least. Thanks again for keeping me on your list of fans.

    1. Tom, you are such a charmer that it's hard to ever believe anything you say. Nonetheless, thanks for thanks for your kind words. As for figures, all you have to do is forget that they are people and apply the same usual painting rules that I know you exercise with a plum. (that's spellcheck's version of "aplomb"!)