Thursday, October 14, 2010

Drawing Studio Sketches

As mentioned before, I have made a commitment to drawing more in order to paint better. So I joined a drawing co-op at one of the local colleges which features a live model for 3 hours. These are from my 2nd session. I am a little more comfortable being there and engaged in the drawing process, but still find it difficult to settle in and do something more than straight rendering/ documenting. My long term goal is to be more expressive in my drawing, and this will undoubtedly take some time to find my "zone" -- whatever that is. But that's part of it, too; finding MY zone, instead of mimicking somebody else's because theirs looks cool.

I had specific goals for this session: 1) to attend no matter how tired I was or whatever other excuse I might have, and to stay the entire three hours 2) to chose views which foreshortened the head, and 3) to not take anything but a sketchbook and a pencil so as to be forced to draw with no means to "save" it with a few pretty watercolor washes (as in earlier post 9/27). Mission accomplished. I am actually looking forward to next week, and some new goals.

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