Friday, October 15, 2010

Blue Ribbon Nude

14 x 11 watercolor and charcoal

I'm actually quite excited about this piece! Not that it's so special, but that finally I am beginning to see where I want to go in my artwork. What I like about this is the hit-and-miss, hide-and-seek of drawn line and painted form, of 2D and 3D taking turns. Is it a drawing or a painting? Don't know, don't care. Also, some of my purist tendencies may be waking up to the magic of mixing media, of using whatever works best for what I'm striving for.


  1. Really nice, Jan - very expressive! It's great when things just 'click' like they did here. I used to attend nude drawing classes as well, I miss it! It helps so much...

  2. Very beautiful, Janet, I really like it. I love Blue Ribbon.