Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two Joans, Day Three

Alla Prima/Direct Approach (all in one go)

This is fresher, cleaner paint and there's lots of white space. However, some people are very bothered by the sloppiness and unfinished quality, but that happens to be what I like about it. They say that the better one gets at painting, the less polished and more "loose" they like to paint. I don't know about better, but I know this is more fun and a lot less dinking around. You put it down and live with it, no mucking about.

Traditional Approach

Darker, more "modeled" and probably more realistic. Also, muddier and overworked -- this is why I prefer the other approach. This has more 3D sense of form, whereas the other is flatter and less dimensional.

It really all comes down to intent. Likeness and reality are not often my purpose these days, as I am getting more interested in the quality of the paint as it sits on the surface of the paper. Now, that was more than you wanted to know about painting, eh?

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