Saturday, January 30, 2010


22 x 30 Watercolor

This is an image I've had in mind for some time; I've done little sketches of it, and even started a large oil which may or may not be taken further. It is, of course, youngest son Peter; the photo was taken 4-5 years ago as he was begging to quit the violin (Gasp! After 12+ years!), and his interest was lagging in piano, all in favor of his new love -- jazz guitar. Pete eventually made me see that it wasn't about the instrument, it was about the music, and that would definitely be continuing, progressing. Double entendre with chord progressions. Triple with the stages a boy goes through at age 15 while on his way to becoming a man.

As for the painting part, it is still in the ugly adolescent stage -- when you want it to go to its room and come back all finished. I have been removing paint from the face, as it became too colorful, and I wanted the shapes stronger. The parts that look all speckly are covered with masking fluid, something I don't normally use, but I wanted that big dark to have solid mass and not be too brushy or putzy, which would've happened if I had to paint around all those lighter shapes, frantic to get it in before things dried.


  1. Mom, you know that scene in the movie "Mother," where Debbie Reynold's character is running around the mall telling everyone everything about her kids?

  2. I think this looks like the oil painting that is above the piano right now!