Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bellagio Cafe

Two posts on one day! Woo-hoo! Speaking of which, posting sort of helps me keep moving along when I don't feel like doing art, lets me break projects down into increments that are less overwhelming, and the bs I write about them actually helps me figure out problems before they become permanent. Right-brained as I might wish I was, the left brain organizes my scattershot efforts.

This is done from a photo taken in Bellagio, Italy at lunch time when the cafes started to get crowded. This town on Lake Como is known for its wealth, shopping, and that George Clooney has a villa there. The streets are quite steep and narrow, making this seem an appropriate piece for a long and narrow piece of paper. I don't usually draw things out in this much detail, but my plan is to be more out of control when painting it. We'll see how that works out....... to assist me in this effort, I will be using for the first time (drumroll) my new paintbox from Craig Young of England, which is a luscious maroon color, and my floppy big red brushes from Alvaro Castagnet of Australia. So, I have handicapped myself in at least two ways in order to keep this painting from getting too tight....good luck to me.

You can see this is meant to be held in the hand, and there is not a lot of mixing space in the palette so that has to happen on the paper -- alla prima.

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