Thursday, February 6, 2014


Gondolier  watercolor 21.5.x 25.5
Easy guess on this locale:  too-cool Tomaso with trademark hat, hint of a stripe shirt, sitting on wrought iron bridge railing in front of a salmon-pink wall.  Done from a vacation photo from years ago that was my screen saver for quite a while.  The image has always grabbed me, but not convinced that painting it was necessary except to get it out of my system.


  1. When you get something out of your system, you don't mess around. Way nice Janet....saw Tomaso a couple of years back....or someone zackly like him. Thanks for putting it up.

    1. Hi; thanks for kind words. Do you mean you saw this painting or some version of it, or do you mean you saw the guy? If the latter, aren't they just too cool? Kind of like minor rock stars, or an elite gang or something. I think I read somewhere that not just anybody can be a gondolier, you have to do something or be somebody.... in the family? Anybody know the answer to this?