Saturday, January 25, 2014

One year later.....

.... I'm going to start posting again on February 1st, trying to be accountable for hitting that goal by saying so out loud/ in print.  Daily exercise of the drawing/ painting muscle is what I really really need to be doing, even if I don't feel like it. Getting tired of careening between deadlines, always with that "day late, dollar short" feeling and the sense that I could've done better if I started earlier.  Binge paining, panic painting.  Solution is to build up an inventory of solid work, so I can pick and choose when I need an entry for competition. What = inventory?  More than the old dogs sleeping under the bed. Preferably, multiple pieces that give evidence to what I see in my mind's eye.
     Lately I've been caught by the idea of mosaic, 2D and 3D, probably brought on by a yen to have another large scale mural project. So meanwhile, in an effort to use the buckets of free glass shards from the stained glass guy next door,  I made was this horrible little vase; one couldn't even call it kitsch, it was so ugly.  Next I made a wall cross for my mom and a serving tray for MIL for Christmas, and got the whole picassiette thing out of my system.  It's all right, but the whole found object/ broken china thing seems a bit....decorative.  Dirty word for artists?  Maybe, but glueing bits of dishes, beads and bottle caps just doesn't strike me as all that unique unless there is something unique about it.  To simply cover an object with other stuff does not a masterpiece make.  I can attest to this, having covered many a canvas with paint and not achieve a fine art result.
     More on this next post.  Meanwhile, all I have are in-progress pics, and the cross came out much better than this pic shows, where I was trying out a layout (not used).

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