Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pre and post grout

This is a quick and dirty posting; I'm using less than perfect pictures taken at different times of day in different lighting conditions.

Both of these panels were driven down to Sioux Falls and installed on the 2nd floor of the Sanford Heart Hospital, between the cath lab and the atrium walkway. The drive home was much more eventful, involving a marathon phone call with one of my children, Ipod running out of charge, high winds, running out of gas, a temperature drop of over 30 degrees, and hitting a bird.

BUT-- the mosaic is done, after months of 16 hour days, thanks to efforts from Gin, Bobbi, Cathi and Liz.

Many mosaic artists working with this kind of tile do not grout, but I like both the visual unity and the structural strength that grout gives a mosaic.

Can you find the ("hidden") heart?

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  1. The floral heart? : ) Thanks again for posting all the photos of the work in progress, and congratulations again on a job well-done! Delightful.
    Michelle Roise