Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dillman's Lodge

14 x 11" Watercolor

Hesitant to post this; it was our first plein air effort during the workshop. After being quite enthusiastic about splashing about with the trees, my energy and attention span flagged with moving down the page. Foreground is especially woeful, would probably crop this if it were ever going be framed. It is presented as is, however, in an attempt to be painfully honest and to learn from my mistakes. However, there are some things to feel good about. My goals were 1) to create the feeling of the WI woods, 2) to use no tube greens and to mix very little green, and 3) to practice dry brush technique. I think these things were accomplished well enough.

Maybe one of the most valuable things I am starting to understand is that every effort just cannot be great or even good. To expect or aim for this is to invite paralysis and fear. BAD PAINTINGS MUST BE MADE IN ORDER TO MAKE GOOD ONES. And that's the truth.

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  1. Love the BOLD statement--- think I'm going to post this in our studio! : ) Enjoying your blog very much; please keep it up!
    Michelle Roise