Monday, September 27, 2010

...And Now for Something Completely Different

5-1/2 x 9" watercolor

The local colleges have started up their drawing co-ops for the semester, and I plan to take advantage of the opportunity to work on my drawing skills with live models. I was very rusty, my sense of proportion and perspective completely missing in action. This is the best of the bunch, probably because I settled down with familiar materials and a tried and true approach. However, if this is going to benefit me as I hope, I will have to bite the bullet and stick to pencil or charcoal, without the luxury of resorting to a couple of fresh washes for a quick fix. Why do I want to work on drawing skills? Because my personal "vision" involves using watercolor in a more expressive, less literal way, more as an augmentation for the drawn line -- and THAT needs to be a whole lot more expressive. No more filling in coloring book shapes; I can certainly draw with accuracy, but that's not enough of a reason to make art. I think Ijust might be at that crossroads I didn't used to understand.

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