Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cafe Navarro - Prep Work

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Begin with the value study. I have certainly overreached here. Five values and too many shapes to count. At least the majority of the cafe's patrons have been demoted into silhouettes. Next is the drawing on hot press watercolor paper. My intention here is for this to be a watery and somewhat vague scene, with just a few areas of tighter focus. I don't know if this will work well or not with a more complicated scene, I mostly see it used with a single figure and a who-cares background, --but that's the challenge I've given myself. Also, this drawing is mostly a bad idea; too detailed, too many shapes, not my desired wiry, funky drawing. I've erased lines between shapes of similar value, the better to remember to group these and paint through the boundaries, instead of going at it like a coloring book or paint-by-number, where one just fills in the shapes. E.g., I want things to melt and blur together, unless they are focal points (the waiter and his customer). I will have to work hard to avoid dinking. A too-big brush and lively music will help.

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