Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two Approaches to Joan

I don't know how to make these sit evenly side by side, but you can see they are two slightly different drawings of the same woman, my friend Joan as she kindly posed for me in my messy, cluttered studio. They are contour drawings, which is the style I like to use for watercolors. The plan here is to paint these using two different approaches. The one on the right is for the more traditional approach, building from light to dark with layered washes, large forms to small. The one on the left is for my (usually preferred, when it's working for me) method. Here, I've erased or left out some lines where I do not intend to have any contrast or edges, and want the shapes to blend or bleed together. The idea is to break up the rectangle into flattened, two dimensional shapes. Also, I will begin instead with small, dark forms and work toward larger, looser shapes toward the end. So, two kind of opposite approaches. (What always surprises me is how I usually manage to make them end up more similar than I'd like.)

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