Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anatomy of a Painting - Part 1

22 x 30 on 300 lb rough Fabriano Artistico

Once again, I have let a deadline creep up on me for entering a juried show. Some view being accepted to the larger national shows as a real big deal; others view such shows as cattle calls and more expense ultimately than they are worth. Either way, it is the way of the world of watercolor, where one can allegedly see the very best of what's being done in the medium. It is a way to get your art, your name, and your availability as a workshop instructor out there for consideration. It is a fact that repeated acceptance at this level of exhibition increases the value of one's art. Award money can be as much as $1000 for top prize, and so on down. Sometimes you can even sell a painting and avoid the expense of return shipping.

The above is a painting I started a while ago from a photo taken in Italy. I am considering this image, if not this painting, for submission to a show -- if I can get my act together in the next week and make this painting happen. I did not put a lot of advance planning into it, and now I can see that there are other options for composition and color. While not to say that this is a bad start, it's just that I can tell I was just wandering around in it, being timid and disorganized. I will continue with it if only to use it as a walk through for a new painting from this same image. This is something I do frequently, paint more than one of the same thing, sometimes at the same time. This gives me the opportunity to take a risk, try something out, and learn from it.

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