Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thoughts for a new month/ a new medium

So I've been trying to paint these little oil paintings all week, and they are proving so fussy and finicky and , well, trite. Where is the thick juicy paint, the simple, gutsy statement? And where are the copper pennies? Lost in a miasma of fear and unfamiliarity. Is there such a thing as xenophobia for media?

So I've got a new plan. Instead of messing about with all the usual suspects when working on a painting (shape, value, edges, color, composition-- did you know an artist makes an average of 2000 decisions per each painting?), I am simply going to repeat images I have already painted or drawn and worked these things out well enough, so that I can limit my struggle to wrestling with the mighty OIL paint alone.

At least until I catch up and post enough paintings to get current. See ya.

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