Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pears - Color Studies

Youngest Son rightly points out in a comment to the last post that I have been shirking my self-appointed duties in this blog to paint end post every day (except Sunday). As such, I will no longer be posting old paintings, old sculptures, or old mosaics. Of course, this means that I must post what gets spewed out each day, regardless of merit. So today I present to you my latest efforts to become a better oil painter: a series of color studies of a wooden pear on varying colored backgrounds, compliments of artist Kevin MacPherson in his book Fill Your Paintings With Color and Light. What could be simpler, right?

Wrong! Who knew that the simple task of matching color and value of a fake pear and surroundings would be such a challenge! But, I must admit I have benefitted accordingly. These are posted in reverse sequence, meaning the one right above was first done. What's next? A real pear? Or maybe... an apple? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.