Monday, March 23, 2009

Dapper Dan Drawing

I realize that showing you incremental steps in one painting process is perhaps not in the spirit of the blog, that I am stretching out what could be a one day post into 6 or 7 days. Be aware that we residents of Fargo-Moorhead are kinda busy just now.....the waters keep coming and everybody needs help. Seems frivolous to fuss about a painting blog at such time. But here you have it. This drawing is not as funky and free as I wanted, but neither is is so fussy that I will worry about ruining it. I did scratch in a few areas to remind me to lose edges, but I guess I did not work in my background in terms of visual line. But thanks to thumbnails and previous planning, I know where I'm going with this -- gonna make a high key painting and follow the darks, at least at first, but paint them in a midtone way-- not too dark, sneak up on it.

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