Saturday, January 10, 2009


4" x 6" watercolor

Something's got to change. My enthusiasm for doing this is already flagging, in a mere 10 days. It feels like drudgery, a burden. Reasons are that I am not always proud to throw something up on this screen, I want to make more changes, I haven't finished, I don't like it, etc. etc. And then I have to tell myself that the purpose is to develop discipline. Then I answer myself that I'm painting, so what's the big deal? Why post daily? Accountability, I suppose.

I went back and read over Duane Keiser's blog on painting, and noted several things of import. He used his PAD (painting-a-day) as a vehicle for sales, his adoption of the Annie Dillard philosophy of scrutinizing "pennies" (e.g., the small, overlooked things), and his comments on the sometimes perverse effects PAD efforts can have on beginner painters. I'm not trying to sell, I keep thinking each effort has to be a complete artistic thought, and I'm getting all balled up in whether what I am posting is any good.

Which brings us to the 3rd reason why I said I'd be doing this: growth. I just plain need to practice more-- more drawing, more painting, more artistic decision making. Growth. It is a fact that I have been painting more in the last 10 days than I have in several years. And seeing it up there on the screen, while still making my toes curl, does allow me some distance to edit. With this cherub, for instance, a toned wash to the left would've done a better job of emphasizing the lit side. But I like my line and paint quality just fine.

So maybe I will put in a few words here and there, addressing discipline, accountability, or growth as related to a particular post. Sorry, I'll have to use words when the images fall short....

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  1. I always appreciate hearing the thought process of an artist when creating. Maybe you could throw in some of that?